General Information

Robots: You have probably seen them on TV before – in a cartoon, or on the news. Or maybe you have a robot at home that you can play with, or learn from. In the past, robots were mainly used to do jobs in for example a factory, but nowadays there are also all sorts of robots to play with, talk to, and learn from. If such a robot can interact with you in almost the same way as people interact with each other, we call such a robot a social robot.

Because we do not yet know very well what children, like you, think of social robots, how you interact with them and what you can learn from them, we are investigating this at the University of Amsterdam. We travel all over the country, visiting schools with our robot, giving children a chance to play with it. In this way, we hope to soon know a lot more about social robots and children.

Have you become curious about what a robot looks like and what it can do? Or do you want to know something else about robots? Then take a look at our vlogs, or ask us a question on the Q&A-page.


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